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Crafted for ease, designed for impact: The simplest reporting and communication solution built for school districts.
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Loop offers a lightweight yet comprehensive suite of communication tools so that everyone at your district can hit the ground running with minimal training. And for those moments when you need a bit of extra guidance, our top-tier customer support is right there to help. Working with Loop is more like having a dedicated partner than just another vendor.

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Why Loop?

Despite its impressive power...
Loop proves that a user-friendly design doesn't equate to a lack of robust functionality. Underneath its beautiful interface, Loop is powered by cutting-edge technologies and integrations that make communication within your district feel effortless. Using Loop is like giving everyone in your district their own personal assistant.

Loop plugs into your existing technologies, and leverages this integration to improve stakeholder communication, automate routine tasks, and generate actionable insights that save districts money and resources. Yet, despite its impressive power, Loop remains astoundingly simple and intuitive to use. It's a tool that has been thoughtfully crafted to make the complex world of educational reporting and communication as easy as a single click.

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