Privacy Policy

Data privacy and security is critical to safe and effective utilization of all Courseflow affiliated applications. The following outlines a privacy policy which details the manner in which data is retrieved, stored, utilized and revealed within any and all of these applications.

•Before or at the time of collecting personal information including but not limited to name(s), phone number(s), email address(es), address(es), the reasons for collecting such information will be made known.

• Collection and utilization of data is for the sole purpose of fulfilling application requirements as specified in a respective Software as a Service Agreement, and no attempt will be made to utilize this data outside the bounds of this agreement.

• Data is held for the duration that is sufficient to satisfy the fulfillment of the services offered.

•Data will be gathered by legal and reasonable means and, if applicable, with proper assent of the individuals concerned.

•Data will be protected by sufficient security measures that will prohibit theft, divulgence, duplication, and unauthorized use or alteration.