Can Loop replace my school's current mass communication platform?

Absolutely! Loop has a mass communication feature that allows you to send texts, emails, and calls to students, parents, and faculty.

Does Loop have 2-way communication?

Yes! Loop's Message Center allows you to engage in back-and-forth discussions, create custom group chats for student organizations, sports teams, and parent organizations, and access encrypted logs anytime.

Does Loop have a mobile app?

Yes! Loop has an iPhone (IOS) and Android app available to make sending announcements or messages on the go as easy and convenient as possible.

How do parents and students sign up for Loop?

The beauty of Loop is that because it integrates with your student information system, it provides auto-enrollment, so students and parents don't have to sign up or use class codes. When a user logs into the app, all of their contacts and classes are already in there and ready to go!

How long does it take to implement Loop?

It takes less than an hour to implement Loop into your school or district.

How often is my contact info updated in Loop?

The good news is you never have to manually update Loop! Loop is integrated with your existing software and automatically updates on its own. So, as long as your other tech is up to date and working, so will Loop!

Who all does Loop integrate with?

Loop can integrate with technologies like PowerSchool, Skyward, Infinite Campus, ProgressBook, Blackbaud, Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, and many more!

Are Loop’s features modular?

Yes! We understand that every schools' needs are different. That's why Loop's features such as our Announcements or Message Center, are modular, so you only pay for what you use.

What are automations?

Loop integrates with schools' existing technologies. Depending on the systems you use, we offer a variety of automations. You can set Loop's automations to trigger automatic text and email alerts to be sent to students, parents, and faculty.

For example, you can tell Loop to automatically send parents an email when their child's lunch balance drops below $10. Or send students a text about a missing assignment. It can even create reports to be sent to school administration detailing how grades, attendance, and outstanding payments are trending.

After Loop is integrated within your school, these automatic alerts happen without anyone having to lift a finger. It is like giving everyone in your district a personal assistant!

What is Courseflow?

Courseflow is the parent company of Loop. It was co-founded by Luke Wiseman, Jackson Walker, and Riley Doty with the purpose of creating beautiful software for educators. Loop is a product of Courseflow.