Our Story

How Courseflow was formed and Loop was built

Being an educator is hard work. Technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and its application in the classroom is no longer a choice, but a necessity. However, this shouldn’t translate into even more stress for educators. We hear so often from educators that they find themselves more hindered than helped by it. And we’re here to do something about that.

Courseflow is a K-12 software firm with a singular aim: to build empowering tools that not only liberate educators from the complexities of tech, but also save districts valuable time, money, and resources. We endeavor to simplify their digital workflows and lives, allowing them to redirect their focus where it truly belongs—on their students—and not trouble-shooting temperamental technology.

After we recognized the overall need for advanced, yet simple technology in K-12 education, our journey began as a collaborative efforts with as many schools, educators, and administrators that we could find. Together, we co-created Loop. Born from a continuous cycle of feedback and refinement, Loop is a direct response to the real challenges faced by the educators we worked with. And now, it’s being used by all types of schools across the United States.

But our story doesn't end here. We remain firmly dedicated to collaborating with our partners to craft solutions that address the genuine needs of educators. Loop is merely the first step in our journey. Guided by relentless innovation and boundless passion, we commit to delivering unmatched technology solutions for educators as we continue to fulfill our mission.


John Barker

John Barker

John Barker currently serves as the Executive Director of Tennessee Career Academy, in Memphis, TN. He is an active board member for Courseflow.

Lyle Beasley

Lyle Beasley

Lyle Beasley is a managing partner at West End Holdings in Nashville, TN. He serves as the Chairman of Courseflow's board.

William Orgel

William "Billy" Orgel is president/CEO of Tower Ventures in Memphis, TN. He is a former board member for Memphis Shelby County Schools. Billy is an active board member for Courseflow.

Carla Balch

Carla Balch is CEO/Founder of Spesana, a healthcare technology company in Memphis, TN. She is an active board member for Courseflow.