Being a Technical Partner

Fast Facts

🗒 7,400 students

🗒 13 schools

❌ Struggled to find an ideal communication solution

❌ One-size-fits-all integration wouldn't work

❌ Had no input in the product's roadmap


The district faced challenges in finding an ideal communication solution that could tailor its platform to their specific needs. Existing options either overwhelmed them with unnecessary features or lacked the ability to add crucial elements, with other solutions showing little intent to address these deficiencies promptly. Moreover, they found other solutions SIS integrations to be one-size-fits-all with limited room for adjustments, further hindering the district's ability to customize the solution to its unique requirements.


Loop initially fell into the category of being a near-perfect fit, but required a few minor adjustments. Loop demonstrated its commitment as a technical partner by developing specific features tailored to the district's unique needs, highlighting its value beyond a mere vendor. What sets it apart from other options was its role as a true technical partner. Loop went beyond conventional solutions by allowing flexible adjustments to its features and SIS integrations that solved this district's needs and maximized their existing system and data.


Loop has seamlessly provided this district with a communication solution that fits like a glove. The additional features effectively meet the district's needs without overwhelming the system with unnecessary complexities. In instances where new challenges emerge, the district feels confident reaching out to Loop, their trusted technical partner, for assistance and guidance.