Consolidating All District Communications

Fast Facts

🗒 6,000 students

🗒 19 schools

❌ Previously used 10+ communication apps

❌ No Admin oversight

❌ Frequent miscommunication with parents


The absence of a district-wide two-way communication app in this district resulted in a decentralized approach, leaving teachers to independently choose communication tools. Consequently, a plethora of messaging apps emerged, causing confusion among parents who were required to download multiple apps for teachers using different platforms. Complicating matters further, the district was not able to monitor this 2-way communication. These issues, combined with an unreliable mass communication platform, led a jumble of complex and unintuitive communication methods across the district.


Loop successfully streamlined communication in this district by consolidating both one-way and two-way messaging into a single, unified application. Every teacher now utilizes the same communication platform, alleviating the burden on parents who no longer need to manage multiple apps.  Additionally, Loop provides district administrators with robust monitoring capabilities, offering real-time oversight of conversations and messages.


Since the implementation of Loop, district administrators have expressed high satisfaction with the platform's effectiveness. The streamlined communication system has garnered widespread praise from teachers who appreciate the simplicity and efficiency it brings to their daily interactions. Loop's unified approach has significantly improved overall communication within the district, creating a more cohesive and interconnected network for stakeholders. Moreover, the streamlined communication through Loop has not only improved overall effectiveness but also resulted in cost savings for the district by consolidating communication tools.

Teachers have enthusiastically embraced Loop, finding it to be an invaluable tool for seamless communication with both parents and administrators. And the user-friendly interface and consolidated features have significantly reduced the administrative burden to train their staff and parents.