Leveraging our Technical Expertise

Fast Facts

🗒 Individual and customer-specific

❌ Could not access the data they needed

❌ Relied on an analog process

⭐️ Loop automated the process

⭐️ Loop saved the school and their stakeholders over 1,800 hours per semester


This school's infraction workflow led to additional tasks, delays, and collective frustration within the school community. Teachers, students, and administrators invested countless hours each semester duplicating efforts across outdated technologies and sharing hand-written triplicate forms. This cumbersome process proved to be both sluggish and unreliable, consuming valuable time and mental energy.


Upon discovering the school's challenge, Loop quickly recognized an opportunity to craft a straightforward solution. Leveraging its seamless integration with the school's existing technologies, Loop efficiently established automatic reminders and reports to tackle the problem. Now, when a teacher logs an infraction into their SIS, both the student and parent receive a text and email with the details within 10 minutes. Furthermore, each school's administrators receives a concise weekly report summarizing each week's infractions and trends.


Loop revolutionized what was a time-consuming and multi-day ordeal for teachers, students, and parents into a streamlined 10-minute workflow. What used to be their most cumbersome process has evolved into a seamless routine they no longer have to think about. That's the remarkable power of Loop.